Smitty Tackles Bullying

Smitty Tackles Bullying


Wade Smith
Illustrations by James Little

24 pages

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Smitty is one year older and a year wiser since readers last saw him. He has truly discovered his love of reading and is doing great in class and on the field, but when Smitty begins to notice his best friend, Luke, is skipping out of Reading Lab, he decides to investigate. What Smitty finds is that somone is bullying Luke because he isn’t a strong reader! Smitty knows he needs to take action. He confronts the bully and tries to apply his dad’s saying of, “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.” Smitty uses kindness and understanding to conquer the bully, and in the end makes a new friend and finds a way to help Luke with his reading. This charming picture book is the perfect story for kids who may be dealing with bullying themselves, and proves that it isn’t ok to just stand by the sidelines. Sometimes, kindness, understanding, and true friendship are the keys to tackling bullying.

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